Book of the Month: Your first year in network marketing

Your first year in network marketing, seems to attract fear and negativity but let it be known that the mind is like a computer you must feed it positive information to get positive results, in my recommended books this month, this one seems to be a great read
Your First Year in Network Marketing: Overcome Your Fears, Experience Success, and Achieve Your Dreams!
by Mark Yarnell
Leaders are Readers! LG


Oprah Winfrey

Ever since I have been introduced to Network Marketing I have been an avid believer of what it can accomplish. Some may say that I always think out the ordinary but I have to tell you I have seen too much proof in front of me to deny the positive results of greatness being developed. With speculations you will realize that we have been conditioned to think on a linear way all of our lives, go get an EDUCATION in order to get a GOOD JOB and YOU shall be SUCCESSFUL. How is that working for you so far?

We’ve all heard this phrase before THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. certainly we have many pioneers that have thought outside the box, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Oprah and I can go on and on … you’re probably saying well all these people are successful because either they are super intelligent or it’s their luck, not at all. My father always told me “success doesn’t belong to the smartest but instead to the daring” . These people have dared to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX, go against the odds, they have done something they never done before to have something they never had before. How many of us can possibly say it. We are talking about college drop outs becoming technology moguls, trailer trash becoming incredibly rich rapper, Minority woman becoming richest woman in the world, are they any different then us? Not at all.

Too many opportunities are being offered to the average joe these days, but instead he chooses the path of the herd instead of taking the less traveled one. This is just food for thought.

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The South Florida Team is growing BIG!

So BIG that the owner of NAP is making a special trip to meet us!

North American Power’s CEO Kerry Breitbart comes to South Florida for Our 1st Super Saturday Event to share his vision of NAP and our future plans of expansion in the US.

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Deregulation of Energy

Hope to see you next Saturday! LG

The world is changing…should your mentality change?

You wouldn’t believe it if I told you that I had this website sit here for one year before I decided to write. Everything is timing and before I could decide what to write about it I had to live through certain events to finally talk about it #lifeofablogger. However I have to tell you that this cannot get any better than this.

When I first was introduced to Network Marketing, my dear cousin from NY had talked to me about Quixtar which now is known as AMWAY . I was living in Maryland, I have had the privilege of sitting with multi-millionaires, learned so much from them and realized that day to day, 9 to 5 lifestyle is definitely not the way to go.

For those who know me from my other blogs, I’m a straight shooter, this blog will be no different. Network Marketing has taken a life of its own in the past years, though it has existed for more than 50 years in the United States, it is now the way of life in Asia. If you haven’t realized it yet the economy is not getting better, people are still losing their jobs and bosses are looking for the best way to save money, therefore layoffs aren’t over yet. So let me ask you that one question, If you had lost your job today and didn’t have a plan B, or perhaps could live off of your savings for just a few months what would you do? Your first instinct would be to get another job correct? What if I could tell you that some people can spend 2 to 3 years looking for a job with no success. Well welcome to reality. The longest I have been without a job is 8 months and for those 8 months I felt worthless, the feeling was overbearing, having to lose everything from apartment to shooting my credit to the ground and resulting to living with family who didn’t even want you there in the first place….seriously not a good feeling. Needless to say that I was kicked out the second I had found a job. You would think that family would be there for you..SMH but such is life right?!

Well I’m here to tell you that there are other options then just a job. So now my question for you is if I could show you a way to make some extra money while it requires very little effort and just a few hours of your time a week would you be interested?

I have recently joined the North American Power Movement, where I can not only save money on my electric bill (because let’s face it, I have to pay my bill regardless) but also making money by sharing the good news with others. What my team usually does is send texts and pictures of what is going on every minute and how the team is growing For example:

On June 15th 2012, I received a text from my upline that reads “This meeting is going on right now in Delaware, 80 people signed up on the spot and they are bringing peopel out to meet Robert Dean tomorrow with their guests, NAP is the real deal!!! changing lives everyday”

Then the next morning I get another text saying :”Just finishing up here in Deleware 9:30AM meeting this morning still signing up people right now over 100 signing up NOW!!!”

I would would like to know more about what we are doing your best deal is to take the first step and demand to watch a presentation.

Financial headaches can be avoided, the decision is yours to make, no risks = no gain. See you at the top!!

Experimenting the law of attraction

So today I have decided to experiment the law of attraction…what is the law of attraction you ask? According to Wikipedia The Law of Attraction is a metaphysical New Thought belief that “like attracts like“, that positive and negative thinking bring about positive and negative physical results, respectively.[1][2][3][4] According to the Law of Attraction, the phrase “I need more money” allows the subject to continue to “need more money”. If the subject wants to change this they would focus their thoughts on the goal (having more money) rather than the problem (needing more money). This might take the form of phrases such as “I have as much money as I need” or “I have a job that pays very well”.

Have you ever wanted something so badly that it seems like everywhere you go you are reminded of that very thing. So is my situation with the 2010 Nissan Altima Coupe, presently it happens to be the car that I want to have next. I currently own a Dodge Stratus 2001 and its time to get something new.

You’re probably thinking but it’s a 2010 it’s not new!!! well it’s a matter of preference really. What is it that you want in life that you would do anything to get it? is it a car? is it a house? or is it just pure happiness for you and your loved ones? to each his or her own right?!¬† but it’s all about what drives you.

A book that I strongly recommend to explore on the law of attraction is “THE SECRET”¬†(click to buy)
in the mean time “if you want something you’ve never HAD before, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done before.”-Nike